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UPDATE 5 September 2016:

The higher education sector is in a period of transition as traditional drivers of research and teaching success are augmented with new drivers such as industry relevance and impact.

Launched in late 2010 the Q-index aimed to provide each UQ academic with a composite index based on their individual research and teaching performance. The system was integral to the improvement of UQ's data capture for activities such as the Excellence in Research for Australia. The passing of time has however exposed some of the limitations of the Q-index particularly with respect to providing accurate indicators of performance for the diverse group of academics at this university. Additionally Q-index is no longer optimally aligned with UQ's strategic positioning, particularly given the Commonwealth government's National Innovation and Science Agenda. In light of these issues, we have recently reviewed the relevance of both QR and QT indices and have decided that the Q-index should be decommissioned on 19 September 2016.

We also understand you may have utilised QR-index to review the accuracy of your data in the university repository. While much of these data are available in the Academic Portal, a new dashboard has been made available which incorporates the data lists currently in QR-index, without inclusion of a composite index. You are encouraged to check it, or the Academic Portfolio, regularly to ensure it accurately reflects your research activity.


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Q-index provides each UQ academic with an individual composite index of research and teaching performance over a rolling 6-year window plus the current year to date, e.g., 2010-2015 + 2016 year to date.  Research data is drawn nightly from eSpace, Research Master, and SI-net; teaching data is updated at the end of each semester.  

Each staff member can see details of how their individual index has been calculated based upon the best available data, as well as a comparison against an average of their peers.

Information on the methodology, the weightings and the normalisation as well as how to navigate around the Q-index system are provided in the help page.

For further information, please email the MIS Helpdesk at q-index@uq.edu.au